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As fine and soft as cashmere, yet more durable than sheep's wool, the Alpaca Horse Saddle Blankets are the most beneficial and luxurious padding you can place on your horse's back. They provide a great cushion and protection while maintaining their "spring" and moisture-wicking properties. Alpaca fleece is hypo-allergenic, contains no lanolin, and will not collect debris or odors. Each blanket is lighter than sheep's wool and dries very quickly. The more you use your alpaca saddle blanket, the more it will conform and "drape" to your horse's back conformation.

All alpaca fiber is from the Northeast and the raw fleece is cleaned using only certified organic soaps, processed, and carefully spun into yarn. No harsh chemicals or dyes are ever used. Then, one at a time, each blanket is hand-woven on a wooden loom. The finished blanket size is approximately 27" x 34" and 1/2 inch thick. Be assured that your horse's back will experience only the most purely natural saddle blanket available and that you will own a creation that is 100% sustainable and entirely hand-made in the USA.

Our alpaca saddle blanket is very easy to clean. Unlike sheep's wool, the fibers are smooth and resist attracting dirt and hair. The more you use your saddle blanket, the softer it will become and "drape" to the conformation of your horse's back. It will naturally develop a "halo" with use, helping to maintain its cushion.

Tips for Care

Follow these easy recommendations and your saddle blanket will provide years of service:

  1. After every ride, hang your saddle blanket "used" side up to air dry.
  2. Periodically shake out any dust and brush with a drry, soft brush.
  3. Spot clean only with baby shampoo and rinse with cold water.
  4. Do not machine wash,wring or machine dry. Never use chlorine bleach or soap intended for wool.
  5. When storing for a long time,place in a dry container and add cedar blocks or lavender sachets;never use mothballs.


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