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We have been raising alpacas since we opened our Pinecliff Alpacas farm in 2004. We started out with a small herd of 3 female alpacas and have grown to over 20 today.

As avid gardeners and members of the local Master Gardeners, we have taken great pride in rebuilding the stone walls that had come into disrepair over the years and clearing the pastures that were overgrown so the alpacas will have plenty of room to roam. Our gardens thrive with the help of the alpaca manure, which has very little seeds or weeds, unlike cow and horse manure.

The alpacas are easy on the land, not pulling grass up by the roots when grazing and we consider ourselves to be a "Green Farm", careful not to have too many animals in too little space, not using chemical fetilizers and being sure that animal matter is far from our water ways.

History of Our Farm

Our farm is located on land that has been in Charlene's family for many generations. Her grandparents farmed on the property until her grandfather's retirement. On the farm, they raised beef cattle, pigs and chickens while her grandfather also worked at a full time job. The farm was divided in the late 1960's when 12 acres were taken from it to build Route 4 Bypass.

Our current house was built on what was originally the potato field. The large meadow where our alpacas frolic was one of the many hayfields used to feed the cattle.

Charlene has fond memories of owning her own horse and riding with friends and cousins and feels very fortunate to have a piece of the family property. She thinks of her grandparents often and knows that they would be pleased to see a working farm again on the property.

Directions to Our Farm

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